Career Track Instructions:

·        Please have information on the form readable

·        Both the supervisor’s and employee’s section must have some type of entry by the appropriate person.

·        Attach one copy of Career Track to annual evaluation and send another copy to Training.  If Career Track is done at another time other than annual evaluation, send copies to Human Resources and Training.

·        Enter the location where employee works on Center/Department line.

·        Only submit forms on 8 ½ by 11 paper.

·        Topics for suggested training: (our forms often show a lack of depth in suggested trainings) 

Consider some of the following, but this list is by no means all inclusive.

o   Time management

o   Leadership

o   Database training (be specific)

o   Communication skills

o   Improve writing clarity

o   Telephone etiquette

o   Organization skills

o   Specific computer software training

o   Improve training skills

o   Being a team player

o   Being supportive of other staff

o   Problem solving skills

o   Dealing with people problems

o   Field trip supervision

o   Transitioning between activities

o   Improving range of activities in any specific learning center

o   Positive communications

o   Preparing lesson plans

o   Better understanding of curriculum

o   A wider grasp of age appropriate activities

o   Redirection skills

o   Circle time activities

o   Stress management skills

o   Improving a portfolio

o   Lap training

o   Health Issues (immunizations, asthma, etc.)

o   Equipment care and maintenance


o   Listening skills

o   Giving positive feedback

o   ESL classes

o   Spanish classes

o   Cultural awareness or sensitivity

o   Planning skills

o   Dealing with difficult people

o   Dealing with job burnout or lack of motivation

o   Specific policies and procedures

o   Specific parts of the Head Start Act

o   Counseling skills

o   Communicating with parents

o   Playground supervision

o   Coaching

o   Mentoring Skills

o   Labeling in the classroom

o   Encouraging parent involvement

o   Preparing yourself for advancement

o   Classroom management

o   Classroom organization

o   Safety procedures

o   Specific skills for the special  needs child

o   Preparing take home activities

o   Documenting behavior

o   Motivation Skills

o   Data/file organization

o   Conducting a meeting


Please keep in mind that identifying training needs on the Career Track form, that it may be helpful to identify how the training could be implemented.  Many of the items listed could be provided in formal training, such as our conferences, but much could be provided and provided more adequately through, mentoring, or other on-the-job coaching and learning opportunities.