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This training module will provide you with 30 minutes of documented training.  CEUs are not provided for the completion of this packet. 

Head Start of Greater Dallas requires that all staff who conduct training within our agency be certified by the Training Department.  The list of certified trainers will be posted on the internal Web Page.  The purpose of this certification process is to validate that those doing training are aware of training requirements, such as documentation and agency procedures in addition to qualitative elements of being a professional trainer.  Certification requires, resume on file in the Training Department, successful completion of this instrument and a minimum of four hours of Training the Trainer activities per calendar year. 

I.    Preparation for training activity

As a trainer you will obviously have to schedule or work with others to schedule space, people, and equipment in order to conduct most training events. If you would like the use of Central Office facilities, these must be scheduled through the Training Department.  During Pre-Service Training dates, all facilities throughout the agency must be scheduled through the Training Department.

Training procedures require that all training activities must be recorded on a Sign-In Sheet and that the Sign-In Sheet have the following data:
bulletName of training activity (please use names that identify the content)
bulletName(s) of Instructor(s)
bulletLocation of training activity
bulletDate of training activity
bulletLength of training activity (in hours), ex. ½ hour, 2 hours, etc. (always round off to the hour or half hour), put starting time and ending time of the session
bulletPrinted name of participant(s)
bulletStaff ID # of participant(s)
bulletJob Title of participant(s)
bulletJob Location of participant(s)

Be aware that training activities do not include team meetings, planning sessions, or organizational meetings. If training is part of one of these types of meetings you can document that part of the meeting as training and provide Training with the necessary information to record the training.   Any Sign-In sheet sent to Training that is identified as a "Meeting" will not be documented as a training activity.

Training procedures require that all Sign-In Sheets turned in to Training within 10 working days of the training session, and have attached to them a copy of the training activity outline or summary of contents.  It is highly recommended that evaluations be conducted after the training session and that these be attached to the Sign-In Sheets.

Training procedures require that if you need any AV equipment provided by HSGD that this be signed out through Training. Also, the care and operation of this equipment is the responsibility of the person who signs it out. (Note: this does not mean that if the equipment gets broken, stolen, etc. that the staff member would have to pay for the equipment.) Please do not check out any equipment you do not how to use, you cannot transport, or you do not know how to care for properly. 

It is recommended that in using any HSGD facility for training that you arrive early to set up or designate someone to have the room prepared for the training activity. Do not assume that because you are using a “training room” that the room will be set for training.  Especially note that if you rearrange the tables and chairs in Training Rooms 1 or 2 at Central Office you are required to put them back to the original order when you leave the room after your session.

1.     Before a training activity is scheduled or immediately after it is scheduled you must
a.    contact Training to inform them of the activity.
b.    have all Sign-In Sheets and activity outlines prepared.
c.    let the participants know who the instructor will be.
d.    Send a list to Training of all participants.

2.     Which item listed below is not required on a Sign-In Sheet?
a.    Participant’s name printed.
b.    Staff ID#.
c.    Class ID#.
d.    Location of training activity.

3.     Which item listed below must be attached to the Sign-In Sheet(s) to be submitted to Training?
a.    Evaluation Sheets.
b.    List of reasons for conducting the training activity.
c.    Name of person(s) who requested the training activity.
d.    Outline or summary of the training activity.

II.    Conducting Training

Training procedures require that all staff members use their Staff ID#. This number is on each employee's ID badge.

Training procedures require that no staff member sign another staff member’s name to a Sign-In Sheet. Since Sign-In Sheets are sometimes used to verify job attendance this would be the equivalent of punching in someone on a time clock. If a staff member who was in a training session you conducted contacts you and states they did not sign in, and you can verify they attended training you may, as the instructor, print the person’s name and initial your entry.

When you consider the man-power-hours (MPH) of the instructor(s) who prepares for the training activity, the MPH of the participants, room usage, and equipment usage there is no such thing as inexpensive training. One Specialist conducting a training session for ten Teacher Assistants in a Center’s Teacher’s lounge for ½ hour, using five pages of a flip chart and a two page handout, cost our agency over $300.00. As a trainer we want you to consider all training to be an important investment in our staff and our future. For this reason, as a trainer you have the authority to insist that participants be alert, responsive, and respectful of you and others in the group.

Also, as a trainer you must be aware that not all participants will get involved in the same manner in training sessions. If you have games set up for participants, it may be unrealistic to assume everyone will get involved in some types of games or interactive activities. It is imperative that, as a trainer, you are alert to the participants learning styles, personalities and are respectful of them.

In most of our training activities the use of evaluation sheets is optional. However, it is important to let the participants know that you would appreciate any feedback they have and that they are always welcome to contact Training to give feedback on any training activities in which they participate. It is recommended that evaluation sheets be used for new training materials or presentations.

4.     In reference to Staff ID#s it is recommended that you, as the instructor,
a.    not allow anyone to participate who does not know their number.
b.    remind participants to use their Staff ID#.
c.    mention how to get their ID# if they do not have one.
d.    both b and c.

5.     As the instructor you should
a.    write the name of every participant on the Sign-In Sheet.
b.    assign one participant to write every other participants names on the Sign-In Sheet.
c.    have each participant print their own name on the Sign-In Sheet.
d.    only use a Sign-In Sheet if the participants have not had any training other than orientation.

6.    As an In-service trainer, your primary guideline in relating to the staff you are training is
a.    be knowledgeable.
b.    remind participants to use their Staff ID#.
c.    be respectful.
d.    be agreeable.

III.    Documentation – A Reality Check

Not only is it sensible to train our staff but this is mandated at the federal, State and local levels. The list of training that is specifically required is extensive and can be found in the Head Start Standards, State Licensing Regulations, Local and State Health Department Regulations, and OSHA Standards. Our training records are critical to our compliance to these various sets of standards.  Without a Sign-In sheet from a session there will be no documentation.  Without an employee's ID Number that person's participation will not be documented in our training records.

In order to document training in our training database it is essential that the instructor have a resume on file in the Training Department, the participants have punched in or signed a Sign-In Sheet and included their ID#, and that the Training Department have an outline of the session which includes: dates, time of day, instructors, location of session, and title of session.

A Sign-In Sheet will only be accepted by the Training Department if there is a course outline attached, and at least one of the instructors identified on the Sign-In Sheet has a resume on file in the Training Department.

Individual employee training reports are available to each employee through the HRIS database. 

Any staff member who receives money and/or time to attend training outside our agency agrees to share their training experience with other staff after they return.  We do not have the financial resources to send all who need training to out-of-agency conferences, seminars, or other training activities.  Those that do go must do so with the understanding that they will share the information they have acquired.

7.     State Licensing requirements for Centers require that staff training records be
a.    in the employee’s Human Resources file.
b.    available upon demand by a licensing representative.
c.    in the employee’s locker at the Center.
d.    in the possession of the Center Manager.

8.     The agency’s primary source of accurate training records for reports is
a.    employee training logs.
b.    employee’s supervisor’s training records.
c.    Human Resources Department’s employee files.
d.    HRIS database.

9.     Staff members are obligated to the agency to provide training
a.    if they have been with the agency for more than one year..
b.    when they have discovered a new technique or method of working with children or families.
c.    when asked to do so by the Training Department.
d.    if they have attended out-of-agency training activities with agency money or time.

IV.    CEU Requirements

All professional licensing and certification programs, such as, Licensed Professional Counselor, Social Work Licensing, and CDA certification, require minimum hours of continuous professional training. These training hours are measured in CEUs (continuous education units). 1 CEU = 10 hours of classroom training. One college course would equal 4.5 or 4.8 CEUs.

In order for a training activity to be included for CEU credit there are a number of verifications that must be met. The following list is required for any training activity to be called a CEU training activity:

  1. Sign-In Sheet with names of all participants
  2. Evaluation sheets completed by all participants
  3. A vita or resume is on file in the Training Department of the instructor(s)
  4. Outline and copies of handouts are attached to Sign-In Sheet(s) when turned into Training
Our agency is approved by the State of Texas Board of Social Work Examiners to provide Social Work CEUs. These CEUs are accepted by some other professional licensing and certification boards. If you have a license in another area, please check with the licensing board to see if this will count for your area. Also, when the above criteria are met, we can provide CEUs for CDA renewal.

Training session related to policies, organizational structure, or Human Resources/employee benefits cannot be included as CEUs.  To qualify for a CEU the session content must be professionally oriented to the targeted discipline.

When specific CEU certificates are needed, such as for Social Work licensing, these can be provided through the Training Department.

10.     One CEU is equal to
a.    one hour of classroom training.
b.    one hour of training is any setting.
c.    ten hours of classroom training.
d.    one hundred hours of training.

11.     Verification of CEU training is
a.    the same as other training documentation.
b.    the responsibility of the Training Department to complete all the forms.
c.    the responsibility of the instructor to complete all the forms except names on the Sign-In Sheet.
d.    the responsibility of the participant to complete all the forms.

12.     CEU records and verifications are kept
a.    in the HRIS database.
b.    in the employee’s file in the Human Resources Department.
c.    in the employee’s personal file.
d.    in the employee’s supervisor’s folder.

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After completing this instrument, provide your Staff ID number, click you work "content area" and "job location". Forward to the Training Department. Your name is verification that you have read and understood the content of this module and have completed this learning program in good faith, and are willing to practice the principles outlined.


First Name     ,         Last Name               HSGD Staff ID#       
Your Content Area                 Job Location    
After sending your results to Training, please take the time to complete the training evaluation form - click here.

Certification Test for Professional Trainers


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