Exercise #1 - Do The Obvious

This exercise requires results of the Interactive Organizational Personality Inventory
and a copy of the IOP Handbook

1. Review your Inventory results and read the IOP Handbook, pages 2 - 6, to develop an understanding of the various descriptors.
2. Check the results of your Inventory in each of the seven elements and compare these with your perception of yourself.
  • In the second column, % of Agreement, estimate a percentage of agreement with the Inventory descriptions of each element.
  • In the third column, Self View, if you do not agree with the Inventory assessment, state your perception of how you relate to the element.
Descriptor % of Agreement Self View
Team Work

3. Although perfect agreement in all seven elements is not expected, if you generally have agreement with these elements go to exercise #2. If your perceptions of yourself are for the most part different than your Inventory results states, go to exercise #3.

Note: The Interactive Organizational Personality Inventory is a reference point for you to begin exploring your communication abilities. The level or amount of agreement with the results is not a critical issue. Exploration of your perceptions in these seven elements is critical.

In group training functions with this Inventory, it is interesting to note that individuals who claimed to have very little identity with the Inventory results, typically met with strong disagreement from other group members who have worked with these individuals.

The Interactive Organizational Personality Inventory results must be evaluated critically by you. This instrument is not infallible, but through validity studies and training feedback it apparently provides as much or more validity than an individual's self perception.