Exercise #4 - Communications Development Planning

Go with your strengths is the theme of this exercise. In another exercise there will be an opportunity to expand beyond your typical personality pattern, but first, is this exercise there are two objectives initially identify your primary elements, and identify the positives of your personality.

The second part of this exercise is to identify training opportunities to strengthen your personality traits. it is important that your traits or elements are working for you and not against you. For example, if you are a Leader, but have no training or guidance in sound leadership practices, your actual skills might not rise above that of a petty dictator. Having the personality to be a leader is not enough to be an effective leader. In fact in terms of leadership and meeting organizational objectives it is often better to have a non-leader personality with leadership skills than a leader type personality with no leadership or management training.

1. Identify the Pros of your primary descriptor and site examples in your behavior of instances where this has happened or where you recognized this happening.

Pros Identified Behaviors
Leader - Good managers Delegated job for XYZ contract to Dept. 22 and did not care for initial efforts, I spent time with key people reasserting objectives and vision, and then I stayed out of the mix. Dept. 22 grew to the occasion and produced the results we wanted.

2. Identify what types of training activities would further promote, enhance, or extend the skills you have identified in you list of "Identified Behaviors".

Training Activities:
Example: Coaching, Setting clear Objectives

3. Identify training sources for specific areas you have identified.

Training Sources:
Example: Community College - Continuing Education, American Management Association