Children With Disabilities: Introduction 

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This training module has three different parts:


Because children are curious it is understandable that children will ask questions about a child with a disability.  As Head Start staff our response

  a. must be to ignore the question and redirect the child's attention so as not to violate confidentiality.
  b. would be to tell the child that it is rude to ask questions about someone who has a "problem".
  c. would be to respectfully talk to the children in a "matter of fact" manner about any special equipment or special needs.
  d. would be to direct the child to ask the question of the other child's parents.

It is very important that as Head Start staff we know the laws concerning children with disabilities primarily so that

  a. we can advocate for the rights of children with disabilities and their families within the program and the larger community.
  b. we can avoid any legal complications in addition to any fines or penalties.
  c. we can protect ourselves from doing too much for the child and the family.
  d. we can keep more accurate records and know all the specifics involved in treatments.

The purpose of the IEP/IFSP is to

  a. protect ourselves from other service providers who would want us to do everything for the child.
  b. provide the family with all the information about the child's disability.
  c. direct who should help the child and who should stay away from the child.
  d. provide an individualized "road map" of services.

A key feature of using "specialists" in a child's care program would be

  a. to make sure every child is getting the same benefits.
  b. to help the Teachers so that they do not have to do everything.
  c. provide a variety of options so we can individualize the services to the child and family.
  d. that we hire these people so we might as well use them.

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Children With Disabilities: Introduction 


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