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The resources listed are available as self learning tools or handouts for presentations.  

Accessing HSGD Internal Web Page Handout

Achieving Excellent Customer Service PowerPoint

Case Management PowerPoint

Child Abuse Policy (2008)Handout

Child Abuse Policy (2008) PowerPoint

Child Abuse Policy Discussion Topics (2008)  PowerPoint

Core Conditions of Helping PowerPoint

Diversity in the Workplace (2008) Handout

Diversity in the Workplace (2008)  PowerPoint

Diversity in the Workplace Discussion Topics (2008)  PowerPoint

Ethics Discussion  (2009)  PowerPoint

Family Advocate Overview PowerPoint

Family Advocate's Home Visits PowerPoint

Family Partnership Agreement Process PowerPoint

Feelings, Attitudes, Self & Others PowerPoint

How to Adjust Online Training Modules for Out-of-Agency Use Handout

How to Legally Terminate Without A Lawsuit PowerPoint

HTML Class 2 Handout

Intelligence and Learning PowerPoint

Introduction to Microsoft Access, Part One

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

Job Description Handout

Job Interview Training  Handout

Job Interview Training  PowerPoint

Leadership Matrix Handout

Leadership Skills for the 21st Century PowerPoint

Leadership Skills Handout

Management: Administration & Supervision PowerPoint

Management: Key Elements Handout

Management Orientations: Traditional PowerPoint & Team PowerPoint

Management Training Handout

Management: What is it? PowerPoint

Meeting Formats Handout

Pedestrian Safety PowerPoint

Pedestrian Safety (Spanish) PowerPoint

Performance Evaluation: Forms and Process PowerPoint

Personalities at Work Handout

Personalities at Work (IOP) PowerPoint

Personality Theories  PowerPoint

Portfolio Training Handout

Professionalism Discussion  PowerPoint

Professionalism Pre Session Display  PowerPoint

PRISM - Health and Safety PowerPoint

PRISM - Jeopardy Game PowerPoint

PRISM - Transportation PowerPoint

Professionalism  PowerPoint

Quotation Collection

Safety for Employees  PowerPoint

Safety for Managers Power Point

Self Directed Teams  PowerPoint

Stress Management Handout

Team Building Handout

Team  Building - 3 Cs  PowerPoint

Team Building Discussion  PowerPoint

Team Building Pre Session Questions  PowerPoint

Team Evaluation Tool

True Colors Handout


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