Training Handbook

Section 4.B.
Training Services
Reports to Individuals

Training Services

Section IV.   B    Reports to Individuals

  1. Any HSGD employee can submit to Training a written request for his/her training records. Unless other specific data is requested and available, the report will be forwarded to the employee with the following data (if data is available):

    1. Employees last name.
    2. First name.
    3. Job title.
    4. Names of training activities.
    5. Hours of training per activity.
    6. Categories of training (as defined by CDA guidelines and in compliance with Head Start standards).
    7. Dates of training activities .

  2. Unless there is a valid need, Training will not give training data information to any employee or non-employee unless it is the specific training of the requesting employee or non-employee.

  3. At this time, employees are still urged to keep Training Logs current. As our data flow improves and our agency becomes more accustomed to channeling all training information to Training, we are hopeful of making this document obsolete in the near future.

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