Training Handbook

Section 4.A.
Training Services
Reports to Centers

Training Services

Section IV.   A    Reports to Centers

  1. Training will provide to each center manager, twice a year or when requested, a training report of all reported training activities for all staff at the manager’s center. The report will include:

    1. Last name of employees.
    2. First name of employees.
    3. Job title of employees.
    4. Name of training activities.
    5. Training hours involved.
    6. Category of training (as defined by CDA requirements and compatible with Head Start standards).
    7. Dates of training activities.
    8. Name of instructor

  2. This report is designed to serve several purposes:

    1. Provide the center manager with a readable and professional report in a concise format for a quick review by the manager of training participation of all staff at the center.
    2. Provide the center manager with a readable and professional report to share with licensing or other standards review personnel.
    3. Provide the center manager with a means to review and correct database errors or deletions.
    4. Assist the center manager in planning for center-based training activities.
    5. Assist the center manager in identifying expected competencies of trained staff.

  3. This report is not inclusive of all available employee training data. If other information is requested, this maybe provided if it is available.

  4. This same type of report is available to all supervisory/managerial staff of our agency upon written request to Training. The only limitation is that information given to a manager be restricted to the employees under the governance of the manager or the manager have a valid need for the data. This principle also applies to some other Central Office staff who are not managers, such as: Quality Assurance Coordinators, Human Resources Coordinator, etc.

  5. Training will specifically design training reports upon written request for Head Start staff with a valid need for this data.

  6. This training report has been approved by the area officials of The Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services as a substitute for training certificates for our staff for all agency sponsored training.

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