Training Handbook

Section 1.C.
In-Agency Training
Training Records and Information

In-Agency Training Documentation and Training Records

Section I.   C    Training Records and Information

  1. Training records and responsibilities

    1. Training keeps a database on all training activities that are sponsored by HSGD, and reported to training. The information on the database is supplied through Sigh-In Sheets turned into Training. In cases where a staff member receives training through organizations outside HSGD, but the training is paid for or taken on HSGD time, the staff member is required to submit an Out-of-Agency Training Form to Training so that this information can be documented.

    2. All individual staff members are responsible for keeping updated Training Log Sheet(s) of their training at their workplace, in case there are data entry errors or Sign-In Sheets are not submitted to Training.

  2. Instructors responsibilities

    1. Instructors must have a resume on file in the Training office.
    2. Notify Training of any training activities prior to the scheduling of the activity. This will allow Training staff to answer questions that anyone might have of training activities, prevent scheduling conflicts with groups or rooms, allow Training to support the activity, and allow Training staff to monitor subject matter of training.

      bulletProvide the following information and documents to Training within five working days after the training activity:

      bulletcompleted Sign-In Sheet
      bulletPrinted name of participants
      bulletJob title of participant
      bulletStaff ID# of participant
      bulletJob location of participants
      bulletName of training activity
      bulletDate of training activity
      bulletTime of training activity
      bulletLength of training activity (in hours)
      bulletName(s) of instructor(s)

      bulletoutline or summary of the training content must be attached to the sign-in sheet,

      bulletif training is to be eligible for Social Work or Professional Counselor CEU certification, the following must be on file in Training: Statement of Specifics form related to the topic: length and content of the training;  and completed evaluation sheets from each participant.

  3. Participant responsibilities

    1. Participants are to print names clearly on the Sign-In Sheet, include job title, job location and Staff ID#.

    2. Participants must not sign more than one Sign-In Sheet per training session.

    3. It is considered fraudulent and will require disciplinary action if:

      bulleta participant signs someone else’s name on a Sign-In Sheet.

      bulleta participant signs a Sign-In Sheet and does not attend the training session.

  4. Training Reports

    1. Training will provide each Head Start Center with a Training Report when requested.

    2. This report will contain:

      bullettraining activities per staff member, length of each training session, dates of training sessions, category of each training session, job title of staff, and Staff ID# of staff.

      bulletCopies of this report can be requested at any time by Site Managers. Ususally when requested the report will be attached on the agency's SHshare drive for Center retrieval and copying if needed.

    3. Training reports of individual staff members will be issued upon request from employee or supervisor (allow three working days).  It is necessary with this request to include the employee's ID number.

    4. Unless otherwise requested, these reports will include: name of staff, name of training sessions, dates of training, length of sessions, and name of instructor(s).

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