Training Handbook

Section 1.J.
In-Agency Training
Required Training

(Head Start Standards, State Licensing, OSHA & Agency)

In-Agency Training

Section 1.   J.    Training Requirements

A.    In-Agency Requirements

  1. Site Managers and Supervisory Staff are required to keep training records of all staff they supervise. Central Office supervisory staff have the advantage of delegating this task to the QA/T&TA, Training area, since this area is close enough at hand to be convenient.

    1. In-agency training functions will be forwarded to Site Mangers as requested, but out-of-agency training not paid for by HSGD or not reported to Training will not be included on this quarterly report.

    2. Since Training is no longer documenting out-of-agency, non HSGD paid for training activities, it is suggested that staff who attend these types of trainings, keep track of these on their training logs and provide copies to supervisors on a regular basis.

  2. Teachers are required to post in a prominent place in their classroom:

    1. College diplomas in Child Development, Early Childhood Education or related diploma must be posted or a clean copy of the Teacher's diploma. (Other non related diplomas are not be posted in or around the classroom.) or

    2. Current CDA certificates or a very clean copy of CDA certificates. (Expired CDA certificates must not be posted.), and

    3. Current First Aid/CPR certification card or a clean copy of First Aid/CPR certification card. (Expired First Aid/CPR certification cards must not be posted.)   This is required of all teachers and assistant teachers.

    4. These certifications or diplomas are required by Head Start standards and/or Texas State licensing requirements. They must be posted in a very visible place near the entrance to each classroom or next to the door outside the classroom.

    5. Teachers may also post other training certificates received, but the posting of other certificates must not block or detract from the other required posted documents. Other certifications or certificates must be directly related to child care training and can only be posted during the school year(s) in which the certificate is current. Any other (non required) certificates to be posted must have Site Manager's approval.

  3. For non-teaching staff:

    1. Paid, time off work to attend college is not allowed. It is permitted that supervisors can adjust schedules for non-teaching staff to attend college as long as this does not interfere with the employee's work responsibilities.

For training activities, such as, CEUs or other professionally related training, these may be approved through the employee's supervisor and Training, but is limited to no more than 32 hours per calendar year nor more than a total cost of $500.00. The 32 hours and $500.00 is the outside limit, not a guarantee. These limits would not include Head Start or NAEYC related conferences.

B.    Head Start Standards Training Requirements

  1. Annual training in civil rights

  2. Annual training in child abuse and positive discipline

  3. Annual training in sexual harassment

  4. Annual training in diversity

  5. Annual training in customer service

  6. Annual training in professionalism

  7. Annual training in team building

C.    State Child Care Licensing Standards Training Requirements

    1.    A record in the Center of staff training hours, the instructors, dates of training, and the subject areas of training. (Standard 3500 B)

    2.    A record in the Center of documentation of orientation training.  (Standard 3500 C)

    3.    A record in the Center that staff have met the pre-service training requirement.  (Standard 3500 B)

        a.    New staff must have 8 hours of pre-service training which covers the following areas:

            1.    developmental stages of children
            2.    age-appropriate activities for children
            3.    positive guidance and discipline of children
            4.    fostering children's self-esteem
            5.    health and safety practices in the care of children
            6.    positive interaction with children
            7.    supervision of children
            8.    detection and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect

        b.    All caregiver staff have 8 hours of pre-service training each year and 15 hours of annual training.

    4.    The Center Site Manager must have at least 20 hours of training per year including no less than six clock hours of management and staff supervision training and six clock hours of child development or early childhood education.

D.    U.S. Department of Labor - OSHA Training Requirements

    1.    Annual training in blood borne pathogens. (29 CRR 1910.1030 - Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens)
    2.    Annual training in handling hazardous materials.                 

E.    U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

    1.    Annual training in civil rights and non discrimination practices for all staff.  (Self-Study Guide, Education Services Section, June 1993, Texas Department of Human Services, page 16)                 

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