Training Handbook

Section 1.G.
In-Agency Training
Modular/Programmed Learning

In-Agency Training

Section 1.   G.     Modular/Programmed Learning

  1. Some of the training provided by HSGD is conducted through the medium of self-paced, modular or programmed learning techniques. (These terms are used interchangeably in our agency.) The purpose of this form of training is to present a small amount of information that the participant will study and "test out" for competency. At the end of every modular learning exercise is a page for signatures. The participant's signature on this page verifies that the participant is knowledgeable of the information in the module and is responsible for implementing that knowledge in the function of his or her job.

  2. The verification or signature page of every training module is required to be submitted to Training within five working days of the date of completion of the module.

  3. Although it is not true for all of our modular training, some of this training is for the purpose of reinforcing previous training or enhancing prior training. Modular training has as its goal to provide documentation of training that is required of staff in a way that is less redundant and intrusive of staff time than traditional classroom type training. This training is primarily in subject areas that are required on an annual or frequent basis.

  4. Any staff member can construct modular training packets, but it is required that the distribution and record keeping of these be done through Training.

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