Training Handbook

Section 3.B.
Out-of-Agency Training
Presenting at out of Town


Out-of-Agency Training

Section 3.B        Presenting (Seminars, Training Sessions, Workshops, etc.) out-of-town Conferences

1. HEAD START of Greater Dallas staff are encouraged to become presenters at professional conferences as representatives of our agency

2. Prior to submitting a "call for papers" or formally agreeing to doing a presentation in which the staff member would like to receive travel funds, per diem, etc., or time from HSGD, it is necessary for the presenter to:
  a. Get the approval of the Training Department
  b. Get the approval of the C.E.O.


Approval of the Training Department will be based upon:
  a. Experience of the presenter through in-agency conference presentations - this will assure quality of representation of our agency, and provide a means of allowing the Training Department to reinforce appreciated efforts and cooperation.
  b. Availability of Training funds, if the these are the requested funds - this criteria only applies to funds available through the Training Department.
  c. Agreements with the conference or external agency - through agreements or professional courtesy with out-side agencies and associations we will send presenters who are requested.
  d. Certain timely and innovative topics could be influential for approval.
  e. All other criteria being similar, presenters who have not previously been supported by HSGD will be given precedence over someone who has had the opportunity to present.  This will allow more opportunity for sharing professional development opportunities.


Approval of the C.E.O.
  a. The requesting employee should have at least six months of employment with HSGD.
  b. The requesting employee must not be on disciplinary probation.
  c. The requesting employee must have the approval of their immediate supervisor and the Center Operations Director.
  d. If funds are not available through the Training Department and they can be found through another source.
  e. The requesting employee must have and reflect an appropriate knowledge base and charisma that will provide a positive image of our agency.

5. It must be understood by the requesting employee that even after the initial approval it is possible that funds may no longer be available or that other circumstances could occur that could prevent HSGD from participating in the conference or event.

6. As soon as the details of location and time are established the presenter must complete the Request for Conference/Training Attendance  Form and submit this to Training.


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