Training Handbook

Section 1.H.
In-Agency Training
Procedures for Utilizing Out-of-Agency Instructors

In-Agency Training

Section 1.   H    Procedures for Utilizing Out-of-Agency Instructors.

  1. Any department or center may invite out-of-agency people to provide training. If payment for the training services provided are expected, this must have prior approval of Training.

  2. Payment procedures:

    1. A written request is to be sent to Training stating (if information is known)


      name of the instructor




      phone number(s)


      topic(s) of instruction






      location of instruction


      fee for services

    2. Training will review the request and notify the requesting staff of approval or non-approval.

    3. Requesting staff person and Training will decide the best procedure for confirming training with out-of-agency instructor.

    4. Training will submit to Finance Department the necessary forms for payment of training services provided. Payment of services can only be done after the training is completed and the procedure may take as long as two weeks.

  3. If payment of services is not expected, it is necessary to have the out-of-agency instructor complete our Non-Federal Contribution - Gift Acknowledgement form. The dollar amount on this form should be determined by the instructor. A copy of this needs to be provided to the instructor.

  4. All outside instructors should submit to Training a resume or vita, an outline of the training provided, and a copy of all handouts. If CEUs are provided from this training, see Section E of this handbook.

  5. Out-of-Agency instructors are not required, nor do we want them to go through the certified instructors procedure of completing the Programmed Learning Packet HSGD Certified Trainer. If CEUs are needed from the training provided the instructor will need to follow all of these requirements.

  6. The out-of-agency instructor will complete our Memorandum of Understanding form, which must be submitted to Training as part of the required paper work for the Finance Department. If the instructor has their own invoice form, this may be used. HSGD also requires that out-of-agency instructors have on file in the Finance Department a current, completed W-9 tax form.

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