Training Handbook

Section 1.E.
In-Agency Training
In-Agency Training Conferences

In-Agency Training

Section I.   E    Training conferences

  1. Training sponsors two major training conferences per year and participates in two other major training events. These include the Pre-Service Training Conference (usually in early August), Spring Break Training Conference (usually in March), the Policy Council Retreat (usually in October), and the Board of Directors Retreat (usually in April or May).

  2. Training may also sponsor Training Days during each school year. These are days that may correspond to the local ISD Teacher in-service days where centers in that ISD are closed for children .

  3. Unless otherwise informed, all staff are to attend and participate in the Pre-Service and Spring Break Training Conferences.

  4. Identified staff to attend Training Day activities will be notified by Training or their Site Manager.

  5. Participants at training conferences are required to use time clocks at the beginning and end of each day. If the participant does not have a name badge, there is a form to be filled out to verify participation. Also, verification of attendance can be obtained through session Sign-In Sheets.

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