Training Handbook

Section 4.C.
Training Services
Graphics, Handouts, Transparencies, etc.

Training Services

Section IV.   C    Graphics, Handouts, Transparencies, etc.

  1. Training has a library of computer graphics. Due to copyright and software licensing laws, this cannot be shared through other computers in the agency. However, when time permits, Training staff will design training materials for other staff in HSGD who are conducting training. Typical projects that we do for others would include:

    1. Assisting with PowerPoint creation.
    2. Making master copy of participant handouts.
    3. Making master copy of covers for training materials.
    4. Making master copy of certificates.
    5. Making content specific training evaluation sheet(s).

  2. Due to department budget limitations, Training may or may not be able to reproduce in volume copies of materials for training handouts, posters, etc. This might also apply to making multiple transparencies. The requesting department may have to provide the materials.

  3. Requests for assistance with graphics, handouts, transparencies, etc., need to be made in writing to Training. It is often necessary for an appointment to be made so that the person requesting the material can work with the Training staff person in the designing of the product.

  4. Any staff member conducting training can design his/her own materials. Training staff have had training and experience in how to design and structure AV materials and are willing to provide consultation or suggestions.

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