Training Handbook

Section 1.I.
In-Agency Training
Delegate Agencies and Head Start Training Functions

In-Agency Training

Section 1. I.    Delegate Agencies and Head Start Training Functions

  1. Any HEAD START of Greater Dallas, Inc. delegate agency center may, and is encouraged, to request of Training whatever training sessions or programs that will be beneficial to meeting needs. Delegate agency centers are asked to use the Delegate Centers Request for Technical Assistance Form to make a request.

  2. All delegate center staff are welcome to attend any HSGD training function and are especially encouraged to attend our Spring Break Training Conference, Pre-Service Training Conference and Training Days activities.

  3. Delegate agency staff are included in our database so that their attendance at any HSGD training activity is documented. The delegate center supervisor may request that center staff's documentation, and the center staff member may request his/her own documentation.

  4. Delegate agencies are required to keep a database of their staff's training records and this database needs to correspond to HSGD's training database.

  5. As with all HSGD staff, the Teachers at our delegate centers will have all CDA expenses paid for through Training. It is requested that the assessment application and renewal forms be sent through Training in order to authorize and send a check.  CDA application packets can be requested through the HSGD Training Department at no cost.

  6. Delegate center Teachers are also included in the college degree upgrading of center Teachers. HSGD will fund tuition and books for Teachers who have a degree plan on file in the Training offices (see Section Two: College Training, B).

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