Training Handbook

Section 1.D.
In-Agency Training
Registered Training Instructors

In-Agency Training

Section I.  D     Registered Trainers


Any staff member who conducts training sessions for any HSGD staff must be registered through Training. This includes New Employee Orientation, Nap-time training sessions, one-on-one training, etc.


To be registered requires that the staff member have a resume on file in the Training Department.  All registered trainers will have their name included on the Registered Trainers List that can be found on the internal web page.


Certified trainers are required to comply with all training procedures. Failure to do so could result in loss of certification. The training procedures would include:

Using sign-in sheets that provide Training with the data needed.

Attaching session outlines to the sign-in sheets

Conducting evaluations after each training session

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