Training Handbook

Section 5.A.
Career Tracking
Career Track Guide

Career Tracking

Section V.   A    Career Track Guide

  1. All employees are required to have a copy of the Career Track Guide completed and submitted along with their annual employee evaluation form. A copy of the Career Track Guide is to be turned in to Training.  This form can be modified at any time, in terms of career goals, by the employee, but must have the acknowledgement of their supervisor, and an updated copy must be sent to Training.

  2. This form is to be completed by the employee and the employee's supervisor.

  3. This form is to provide Training with specific training needs related to:

    1. Training activities related to doing their present job better. This could involve quantitative or qualitative recommendations.

    2. Training the employee needs to meet Head Start, state licensing requirements, etc. (first Aid/CPR, fire safety, etc.)

    3. Training the employee would need to advance professionally in their present field or in a related Head Start area of employment.

    4. It is required that any employee who wishes to take courses or participate in special training sessions, seminars, conferences, etc. in subject matter not directly related to their job must have career goals identified on their Career Track Form to justify the cost and time invested by the employee and HSGD.

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