Training Handbook

Section 1.F.
In-Agency Training
Training for CEUs

In-Agency Training

Section I.   F    Training for CEUs

  1. Staff needing CEUs should notify Training in writing of their need for CEUs in order for us to plan training activities that can help meet these training needs. Be specific about the number of CEUs needed, special sessions required, and time limitations to acquire the CEUs.

  2. In order for any of our In-Service training sessions to qualify for CEUs, there are a number of criteria that must be met. These criteria are primarily the responsibility of the training instructor. Training has developed a number of forms to meet these criteria.

    1. A resume or vita (paper)/vita (computer)  must be on file in Training for the instructor.
    2. An outline of the training session must be submitted.
    3. A Sign-In Sheet must be submitted.
    4. Evaluation Sheets must be submitted.
    5. A Statement of Specific (paper)/Statement of Specifics (computer) form must be submitted that contains the objectives of the training and the purpose and benefits of the training. (This is not required for Education CEUs).

  3. HSGD is a recognized provider by the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners and the Texas State Board of Licensed Professional Counselor to grant CEUs. We are also a recognized provider of education CEUs.

  4. The requirements to set up a training session for CEUs (through our agency) and the forms to be used for this process are included in Forms.

  5. Other than for CDA attainment and renewal, HSGD is not required to provide training or funds for training for any employee to obtain or maintain any professional license or certification.

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