Training Handbook

Section 4.D.
Training Services
Audio Visual Equipment

Training Services

Section IV.   D    Audio Visual Equipment

  1. Training has a variety of multimedia equipment available to staff for training purposes. This equipment includes:

    1. TV/VCRs
    2. Overhead projectors
    3. Translation equipment
    4. L.E.D. projector
    5. Cassette recorder/player
    6. Stand-alone projector screens
    7. Flip chart easels
    8. Laptop computers.
    9. Jambox (CD player)
    10. DVD player (for L.E.D. projector)
    11. VCR player (for L.E.D. projector)
    12. Sound systems
    13. carts

  2. Staff members wanting to use this equipment are recommended to request materials in writing prior to training session in order to reserve the equipment needed. Equipment is sometimes reserved on a priority schedule, but usually is claimed on a first-contact-first-served basis.

  3. Staff using equipment are asked to notify the Training staff immediately if there is any problem with the equipment. It is recommended that all equipment be checked prior to leaving Central Office.

  4. Staff using equipment must sign out the equipment through Training. Also, the staff member signing out the equipment will be responsible for the care and return of the equipment.

  5. In case of damage due to an accident or the theft of equipment under the care of a staff member, Training requires the responsible staff member (the one who checked it out) to file a detailed description of the events related to the equipment. Staff will not be asked to cover the cost of damaged or stolen equipment unless gross neglect or improper storage or use of equipment is established. If other staff members are aware of or witnessed the demise of the equipment, they should also submit written statements of the circumstances.

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