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Section 2.B.
College Training
Degreed Teachers Directive

College Training

Section II.   B    2003 Degreed Teachers Directive

  1. A national Head Start directive has been given that by September 30, 2013, at least 50 % of all Head Start classroom Teachers (Lead Teachers), and Education Coordinators (curriculum specialists) will have a baccalaureate or advanced degree in early childhood education or a baccalaureate or advance degree and coursework equivalent to a major related to early childhood education, with experience teaching preschool-age children. (2007 Head Start Act, Sec, 648A.(a), (2), (A & B).

  2. By October 2012 all Lead Teachers must have a minimum of an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, or an equivalent degree.

  3. Head Start teaching assistants must have    (2007 Head Start Act, Sec, 648A.(a), (2), (B. ii).

    1. at least a child development associate credential (CDA);

    2. be enrolled in a program leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree; or

    3. be enrolled in a child development associate (CDA) credential program to be completed within 2 years.

  4. Our agency is working with our local community colleges and universities to set workable degree plans for our Teachers who are interested in participating in this program.

  5. Head Start of Greater Dallas, HSGD, will pay for tuition and books for Staff taking college courses required by HSGD.  This would include, but is not exclusive to Teachers taking Child Development or Early Childhood Education degree courses.  It must also be understood that this requires that funding is available.  The following criteria must be understood and met by all participants in this program:

    1. Head Start will provide work time to all Teachers who are working on their CDA, and this time must be taken during the same week the Teacher Assistant is taking the class.

    2. Any course taken by an employee must be approved by his/her immediate supervisor and Training. This requires completion of the College Course Request Form which is found in the employee database (HSeIS).

    3. Head Start will provide available funds (if available) to Teachers participating in their CDA or AA degree program. This will include courses during work time or courses taken on the employee's time. 

    4. All employees taking a course must successfully complete the course in the scheduled time of the course. Any employee who drops a course, fails a course, or takes an "Incomplete" for a course for which HSGD has paid, will not be funded for further courses until this deficiency is corrected.

    5. All funded employees must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA).

    6. All employees participating in this program must have completed the Education Agreement form, submitted this to Training, and send documentation to the Training Department that they have applied for Financial Aid.

  6. It will be required for employees to take courses on their own time, but through our collaboration with the community colleges and universities, we will try to set up courses at special times and locations for our staff to make it more convenient to participate in this program.

  7. In order to apply to participate in this program, the Teacher must complete the College Course Request Form which is found in the employee database (HSeIS).

  8. For our Teachers who have degrees in other academic areas or from universities outside the USA, and are interested in getting an Associate Degree or a higher degree in Child Development or Early Childhood Education, Head Start will pay the fee to have your transcript(s) evaluated. It is the employee's responsibility to have their degree plan translated, evaluated and to work with a college to have a current, working degree plan made. Training will do the required paper-work to reimburse the employee for necessary expenses, if the employee provides the expense receipts.

  9. For employees to attend any four year school for a Bachelors Degree or higher, the employee must:

    1. Get prior approval from Training to see if they qualify for the stipend program.

      Pay all tuition and book fees.

      Provide Training with a clean copy of their degree plan from the University or College.

      HSGD will pay the stipend if money is available, final grade for the course is submitted to Training and prior approval was given.

    2. If funds are available, HSGD will pay to the individual a sum equal to what is paid to DCCCD for an equivalent college semester hour course, and books fees not to exceed $100.00 per book. 

      Registration and book receipts are required to claim these funds, and these must be submitted at the same time.

      This does not apply to courses being funded through grants, unless the grant does not pay the entire registration or book fees.

      The Teacher must have a degree plan, transcript, and a copy of last semester grades on file in the Training Office.

      The degree being sought meets our federal guidelines for Teacher qualifications.

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