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The Training Handbook provides specific information about our agency's Training Department's policies and procedures.  

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bulletSection 1:    In-Agency Training

1.A. How to Request Training 1.B. Employee Orientation
1.C. Training Records 1.D. Registered Training Instructors
1.E. Training Conferences 1.F. CEUs
1.G. Programmed Learning 1.H. Using Out-of-Agency Instructors
1.I. Delegate Agency Requests 1.J. Required Training
1.K. How to Request a Room for Training    

bulletSection 2:   College Training Policies and Programs
2.A. CDA Policy 2.B. Degreed Teacher Directives
2.C. Stipend Program 2.D. College Courses Attended by Staff
2.E. College & High School Accreditation    

bulletSection 3:   Out-of-Agency Request Procedures
3.A. Out-of-Agency Training 3.B. Presenting at an Out-of-Town Conference

bulletSection 4: Training Department Services
4.A. Reports to Centers 4.B. Reports to Individuals
4.C. Audio Visual Assistance 4.D. Audio Visual Equipment
4.E. Training Facilities 4.F. Training Forms

bulletSection 5: Career Development Tracking and Incentives


Career Track Guide


Teacher Pay for Education

bulletSection 6: Ethics


Statement of Training Ethics



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