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The QA/T&TA (Training) Department has available many forms.  Some of these are required for certain functions and others are provided as a convenience to aid in communications.

Also, the following forms may be available in one or two formats:

        □    Paper format - if you make this choice, print the form and fill out the form by hand.  Once
               the forms is completed (by hand), sent it to Training through the regular office mail.

        □    Computer format - if you make this choice, type the needed information in the spaces
               provided on the form.  Once the form is completed, click Send to Training, and the              
               information will be forwarded to Training through e-mail.

Quick reference to all Training Forms

Certification of Trainers CEU Statement of Specifics Delegate Center Request
Evaluation Invoice - Memorandum of Understanding Out-of-Agency Training Report
New Sign In Sheet THSA Membership Training Request
Training Log Training Room Request  

Certification of Trainers Forms  ---  This is a set of two forms (Vita & Certification Programmed Learning Packet) to be completed and filed in Training for all HSGD staff who conduct training within our agency.  The Vita completion is required of out-of-agency instructors if the training is to count for CEUs.  The The Certification Programmed Learning Packet is not required of out-of-agency instructors.

        Vita   .....     Paper Format     or     Computer Format

        Certification Programmed Learning Packet   .....   Paper Format  or  Computer Format

CEU Statement of Specifics Document   ---   Some documents are required of training for audit purposes to verify the quality of training necessary for CEUs.  Education CEUs require for each class: a Sign-In Sheet, Instructor's Vita, and a session or course outline with training objectives.   Social Work and Licensed Professional Counselor's CEUs requirements are the same as Education with the addition of completion of the Statement of Specifics Form and evaluations.

Paper Format     or    Computer Format

Delegate Center Request for Technical Assistance   ---   The completion of this form requested of delegate center staff who are seeking HSGD assistance through consultation or training.

Paper Format  

Evaluation Form   ---   This form is recommend for all training sessions, but is required for all Social Work and Licensed Professional Counselor CEU sessions.  It may also be required of other sessions at the discretion of Training.

Paper Format  

Invoice - Memorandum of Understanding  ---   This form or a similar form used by an outside service provider must be submitted to Training in order for HSGD to provide reimbursement for services.  A W-9 form is also required.

Paper Format  

Out-Of-Agency Training/In Area Request   ---   There is no form required for this, please refer to the Training Handbook, Section III,1 to determine the appropriate action to be taken.

Out-Of-Agency Training Sessions Reporting Form   ---   All out-of-area training must be reported to Training if this training is paid for or time is given by HSGD.

Paper Format     or    Computer Format

Sign-In Sheet   ---   The information on this form is required for all HSGD training functions involving staff.

Paper Format  

Trainer's Request for Room/AV Setup   ---   Submitting this information to Training will help in assisting instructor with best environment for training.

Paper Format     or    Computer Format

Texas Head Start Association Membership Form   ---   All HSGD staff are encouraged to join this professional association.

Paper Format  

Training Request Form   ---   This form is not required, but is very helpful to Training for staff or parents to request specific training functions.

Paper Format     or    Computer Format

Training Log   ---   This form is available to assist staff to keep their own training records.  It is especially recommended when attending conferences.

Paper Format  

Training Room Request and Agreement   ---   This form is requested by Training in order to better assist in the use of our facilities, equipment and communications.

Paper Format     or    Computer Format


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