Substance Abuse Services

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HSGD Substance Abuse Prevention Project

Two Prevention Specialists cover HSGD centers  delivering the following services:

1.      I Am Amazing curriculum is provided for each classroom to make available to teacher supplemental materials in the area of health and safety.

2.    Second Step, an anti-violence curriculum is available for presentation in classrooms.

3.      Kid’s Connection, a curriculum-based support group, is provided for selected children who appear to be dealing with some level of stress.

4.      Parenting classes and/or parent education groups can be provided at the centers  to parents and other family members upon request.

5.      Staff training on substance abuse-related topics are presented at the centers, triad offices, and inservices.

6.      Confidential Case Management, brief counseling, screening and referral is available for those families impacted by substance abuse. 

7.      Pamphlets and brochures on substance abuse-related topics are provided in each center.

Fortalecimiento de la Familia

One program manager,  funded by the Criminal Justice Division of the Office of the Governor,  provides an eight-week parenting class in Spanish.  At least six centers are covered during the school year.

Free to Grow

Free to Grow is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, American Airlines Foundation, and South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund.  It’s purpose is to prevent substance abuse by strengthening families and communities.  A program manager and family advocate provide leadership training, community organizing, and intense case management services to the children and families of the Margaret Cone Head Start Center and Frazier Elementary School in south Dallas.


Staff Training Sign-in Sheet Release of Information

Every child participating in a Kids’ Connection group being lead by a TCADA funded staff must  have a parent permission form that includes the toll free TCADA number to call in case a parent has a complaint.*  Place form in child’s folder in “Prevention Services” section.

Staff Training Sign-in Sheet  

Staff Training Sign-in Sheet  click here to access this form

Complete date, time, duration, topic, purpose/goal, location, and facilitator at top of page.  Also indicate if literature was distributed.  Training Department will assign the Class ID.  Have each person sign-in and indicate their HSGD ID number, job title, and job location.    Keep sign-in sheet in notebook as documentation.  Indicate on Parent Class/Education Attendance form the presentation title, date location, and number of attendees present.

Release of Information

If a parent, group participant, or staff member requests a referral to a treatment facility and would like for you to continue to follow-up with them, ask them to complete the “Authorization to Release Information” and present it to the treatment facility.  Make a copy for your files.  If you have information that they would like you to give to a treatment facility, have them complete the form and keep a copy for your files.  Do not put copies in the child’s folder in the center.  Keep the copies in a locked cabinet in a locked office.  Shred the document when it expires.