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Our purpose is to provide responsive, provide prompt, and reliable assessments of repair needs and repairs to the Centers, make the Agency repair process cost effective, and contribute to achieving the Mission of Head Start of Greater Dallas, Inc.




To assess repair needs, maintain, replace, and service all electrical systems, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, carpentry, and key and lock systems of all HEAD START OF GREATER DALLAS, INC. facilities.


a.   Maintain daily activity, work orders, and departmental purchase order reports.

b.   Be on call for all building repair systems emergencies.

c.   Review technical policies and literature for updates and/or changes.

d.   Troubleshoot and maintain all electrical and plumbing systems for condition and proper operation.

e.   Purchase supplies for new installations and repairs.

f.    Perform  minor dry wall repairs, spot painting, and installations.

g.   Perform routine, periodic, preventive repair, testing and calibrating on all heating, ventilation, refrigeration units and air conditioning equipment.

h.   Install, maintain, repair, and adjust site doors and hardware as needed.

i.    Perform all maintenance repairs in accordance with city and state codes, regulations, and safety procedures; must stay abreast of changes in city codes.

j.    Maintain high level of safety especially when exposed to hazardous conditions; ie., electrical panels, sewer line clean outs, and various chemicals.

k.   Check plumbing and water supply for leaks and repair and replace where necessary.

l.         Assess workload and scope of repairs and call in outside vendors when necessary.

m.     Oversee and evaluate work done by outside vendors.









Filling out a Work Order





To provide guidelines for Site Managers and other Agency customers who need to request repairs or servicing  to the Center’s electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and/or appliance components.



bulletAll HSGD staff who are responsible for the safe and healthy operation of the Agency’s facilities and environments.



Service & Repair Request

1.      When a repair or servicing concern is identified, the responsible party (usually the Site Manager) will need to fill out a Work Order.

2.      The center name, the date of the request, the Site Manager’s signature, and a brief but accurate description of the problem (Trouble or defect section) must be completed in order to put on the Repair Specialists work schedule.

3.      Repair category need not be checked off as the Repair Specialist can determine the priority upon their visit.  However, if the problem can be considered to cause an imminent or immediate health risk or safety hazard, then check off EMERGENCY and fax the form to 214 631-5417 and call a Purchasing Agent to contact your Repair Specialist or contact the Specialist via Voice Mail.

4.      Upon completion of the repair or service, the Repair Specialist will bring you the completed form and request the responsible party’s response to a short questionnaire and their signature indicating that the repair was completed per Comments and Supplies used. 

5.      A copy of the completed form should be given to the responsible party and the original filed with the repair records for that site.

6.      For “after hours emergencies” (after 6 PM & before 7 AM, weekends & holidays) do the above except to reach the Repair Specialist “on-call” you must call the emergency pager number (214-344-3745) and leave a phone number where you may be reached.



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