Health Services

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Chapter 1

Introduction to 2010 - 2011

Chapter 2

Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

Chapter 3

Pre-Center Opening Activities

Chapter 4

Enrollment Procedures

Chapter 5

Texas Health Steps Medical and Dental Recommended Guidelines 
(Periodicity Schedule)

Chapter 6

Organization of Health Section in Child's Folder

Chapter 7

Screening Procedures

Chapter 8

Immunization Record and Schedule

Chapter 9

Monitoring and Tracking Procedures

Chapter 10

Physical Exam Procedures

Chapter 11

Follow Up - Treatment Procedures

Chapter 12

Documentation Procedures

Chapter 13

Referral Procedures

Chapter 14

Health Policies and Procedures

Chapter 15

Special Needs Services

Chapter 16

Child Health and Safety

Chapter 17

Blood Borne Pathogens

Chapter 18

Day-to-Day Operations

Chapter 19

Relationships With Other Components