Family Advocate Training

On-Line Training          Out-of-Agency Training          Parent Training

Agency On-Line Training Modules:

The information in each of these modules is directly related to the knowledge and skills expected of a Family Advocate. 

Communicating With Parents 1          Communicating With Parents 2          Community Partnerships 

        Effective Transition Practices          Family Advocate - FPA          Family Advocate - Mechanics         

HSGD Code of Ethics          Nurturing Children 1          Nurturing Children 2          Nurturing Children 3

Supporting Families in Crisis: Assessment          Supporting Families in Crisis: Potentially Dangerous Situations

Supporting Families in Crisis: Prevention          Supporting Families in Crisis: Responding

There are other online training modules that are available to you.  To go to the Programmed Learning page click here.

Other Agency Provided Training and Licensing Assistance:

Each Spring Break Training Conference the Training Department will try to schedule the 3 hour Social Work Ethics course.

The Training Department and the Family Advocate Resource Associate will schedule sufficient CEU training sessions for our staff to satisfy the requirements of the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners.  The necessary documentation (certificates) will be provided through Training or the instructor of the session, after the session.

Other training sessions in the community that provide CEUs or professional learning opportunities can be accessed by our staff provided funds are available through Training, the request for funds and time-off-work (if needed) are done in a timely manner, and the person requesting the training has or is willing to conduct training in our agency through the Training Department.

Parent Training:

All Family Advocates are parent trainers.  This is an integral part of this job.  Because of this, Family Advocates must participate in the Training the Trainers training sessions that are available through the Training Department.

All Sign-In Sheets, or copies of Sign-In Sheets, from Parent Meetings or other parent training functions must be sent to Training.  When audited, the Training Department is expected to have this documentation.

The Training Department can assist in parent education functions by finding instructors, providing AV equipment, and making handouts.  Please allow adequate time for this assistance.