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PC Initial User Setup for Windows 7 and Office 2010

   When you login to a PC for the first time there are required configuration steps and personalization steps to complete:

    How to setup Word and enable the Signature Pad macro

    How to setup Outlook 2010

    How to configure Internet Explorer

    How to create shortcuts on the desktop

    How to set the default printer




How to setup Outlook 2010

How to check the amount of space used by your email account

How to check your work email through the Internet

How to clean email boxes

How to setup a new email profile after a name change

How to setup a smart phone

How to setup your email signature

How to turn automatic replies on or off




How to transfer pictures from a digital camera

How to change out a print cartridge

How to set the default printer


HSEIS  Please refer to the FAQ section in HSEIS for Help




       How to login to the HSGD network

       How to login locally to a PC/Laptop (not on HSGD network)


Network Account


How to change your network password


Network Resources


How to access the network shared directory

How to add a network printer or copier

How to make a wireless connection


PC Maintenance


   How to clean PC and computer equipment

   How to delete temporary Internet Files

   How to delete documents, pictures and music files 

   How to empty the Recycle Bin


Telephone (Applies to the Wanda Smith Center and Wanda Smith Administration Office)


How to setup a new voicemail account

How to check your voice messages from outside the agency


Virus Protection


How to check if the virus protection is current

How to run a virus scan